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Quick abdominal workout

A quick and easy abdominal workout for when you don’t have much time but still want to look an feel great.

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Lose belly fat in just 10 days

7 minute home ab workout Lose that belly fat in just 10 days with this simple routine This couldn’t be simpler for removing unwanted belly fat In just seven minutes a day, you could lose all that annoying excess belly fat in just 10 days! Make sure you check out...
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11 Spring Outfit Ideas for 2016

Beautiful Spring fashion outfit ideas Check out these 11 outfits for spring! Get ready for Spring with these 11 funky, fun and light outfit...
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The Avalanches Return with Frank Sinatra

The Avalanches Return They're back after a long break with Frank Sinatra ‘Frank Sinatra’ by The Avalanches   Enjoy the...
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Karmin – Come with Me

Karmin - Come with Me Karmin channels a bit of Willy Wonka magic for this new pop hit. This is from Willy Wonka am I right?   Cool song and very trippy video clip! Love Karmin and they produce some very cool music, and it looks like they are getting back to their...
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10 Charities that didn’t help at all!

10 times charities and aid organisations have failed Some of these will blow your mind WHile we know that the majority of charities do the right thing there are some that go bad. As the saying goes “the road to hell is paved with good intentions” and it...
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Korean Travel – Jeonju Food Tour

Nowhere better to experience Korean food! Found this great video and I know Jeonju well, so had to share it! Yummy! Jeonju – the food capital of Korea! Jeonju is only a few hours from the SOuth Korean capital of Seoul, and is a great place to experience...
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How to travel with just your carry on luggage

Travelling with just your carry on can save you time and money But how do you know what to sacrifice? Watch the video below to find out more about travelling with just your carry on...
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Lost in the Outback – Uluru Australia

The breathtaking Uluru Follow this intrepid traveller on a walk around Uluru Uluru – the most iconic sight in all of Australia and it’s been here longer than human beings This travel video is a great close look if you’re planning on going and...
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