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White Sand Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia

Have you ever heard or visited the White Sand Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia before? We unduly neglected Western Australia and its beautiful beaches in our previous posts, and now we are going to make up for it. Today, we are going to introduce you with...
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Relaxing Palm Cove Beach in Queensland, Australia

Have you ever heard of Palm Cove Beach in Queensland, Australia? Queensland, the northeast area of Australia, is an area with numerous stunning beaches. Queensland shore is reaching the Coral Sea, known as a part of The South Pacific. The most exciting thing about...

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The Best Beaches in Sydney, Australia

Want to see the Best Beaches in Sydney? Apart from the secluded, wild and desolate beach areas, there are many crowded beaches in Australia situated next to big cities. We will take Sydney as an example. With excellent climate and geographical position, Sydney...

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Korean Travel – Jeonju Food Tour

Jeonju - the food capital of Korea! Jeonju is only a few hours from the SOuth Korean capital of Seoul, and is a great place to experience traditional Korean culture, and most importantly, Korean food!     Happy eating and happy travels!...

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Lost in the Outback – Uluru Australia

Uluru - the most iconic sight in all of Australia and it's been here longer than human beings This travel video is a great close look if you're planning on going and features some of the indigenous culture and some great views of "the...

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How to travel on a budget

If you want to travel the world you're going to need money! We show you how to travel on a budget and still have a great time! Watch the video below to learn more tips and tricks for travelling on a budget. Or follow these short tips if you don't have time to watch...

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