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5 Yummy Breakfast Smoothie Recipes

Smoothies are super yummy and there is nothing like a breakfast smoothie to give you a kickstart!   Here are 5 delicious breakfast smoothie ideas that you can make after a trip to the supermarket with your blender or food processor. Smoothies really are a...
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Healthy Indian Oats & Mixed Vegetable Cutlet

Let's face it, we don't always want something sweet to snack on, but we do always want something healthy, and maybe a little but exotic. How about Indian style oats cutlets? These healthy little patties are absolutely delicious and would also be great if you need to...

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4 delicious and healthy snack recipes

STOP feeling guilty about your snacking and get HEALTHY instead! Snacking is a natural part of being human, probably from when we used to be hunter gatherers, picking at anything that we happened to walk by. But since we now have an abundance of bad foods available to...

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Simple ways to make chicken taste amazing

While you probably love Chicken just as much as we do here at Beautiful Beaches, there are ways to make it even tastier!   What we really love about chicken recipes is that they are easy to make healthy because chicken is generally low in fat and high in protein....

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Spice cous cous with hoisin chicken

A delicious low fat recipe perfect for your family or a gathering of friends! Ingredients 500 ml of chicken stock One bunch of asparagus, woody ends trimmed, cut into 6cm lengths One carrot, cut into matchsticks One and a Haf cups of couscous...

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Hawaiian style rice

    This is a quick and simple rice dish that adds something a little more enjoyable to dinner time. Great if you love ham and pineapple! What you'll need: Follow these easy instructions and you'll be enjoying a simple and delicious rainbow salad in no time!...

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Delicious & Healthy Rainbow Salad

A great colourful and healthy salad that's perfect for taking to work when you're trying to avoid fatty convenient foods.   What you'll need: KaleQuinoaChickpeasLentilsHalf Bell PepperHandful of Cherry TomatoesCucumber ChunksAvocadoLemonPomegranateCoriander...

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