Have you ever heard or visited the White Sand Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia before?

We unduly neglected Western Australia and its beautiful beaches in our previous posts, and now we are going to make up for it. Today, we are going to introduce you with Cable Beach in Western Australia. The nearest city here is Broome in the Kimberly region of WA. The city has a rich history and monumental pieces to testify the captivity and exploitation of the marginal ethnic groups a long time ago. Today, Broome is widely known by the nearby Cable Beach.

Cable Bech is only a 3.7 miles away from Broome. If you want to dive into the Indian Ocean, this is the perfect beach. It is a wide, white sand beach whose estimated length is about 14 miles. There is a lot of space for walking, jogging, surfing, swimming, and any additional activity you can imagine! Who says you have to go to the Eastern Australia to have fun?

A dry season with minor waves and peacefulness is from May to October. You have to be cautious if you come here on Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia between November and May, as there is a great chance to meet the poisonous jellyfish, but the signs will be around to prevent you from being hurt.

The another thing that worths mentioning is a famous camel ride. Tourists have a chance to ride camels in the sunrise or in the sunset. It’s almost like an oriental experience.

Are you ready to see more of Cable Beach in Broome, Western Australia? Watch the video now:

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