Summer isn’t summer until you’ve spent a day by the seaside at St. Kilda Beach, Melbourne.

We’re moving forward. Our journey takes us to Melbourne, the city located at the utmost of the sout of Australia. Melbourne is the second biggest city in Australia with moderate oceanic climate with changeable weather conditions. The weather can change drastically within a few hours.

The summer can be extremely heated, with plenty of squalls and significant temperature drop. The winter is mild, but a bit colder than other big ocean Australian cities. When it comes to beaches, it’s worth mentioning St. Kilda, as the most famous one. St. Kilda is a place for numerous cultural festivals, and it has its own festivals which worship the summer, lovely nature, culture and arts.

Since the hospitality is very important, the Melbourne entrepreneurs are doing their best to make you feel complacent. You can find numerous restaurants to indulge your senses here. You can choose from various cuisines. You have to experience the nightlife here. Enrich your experience with live music and many bars offering various content suitable in fulfilling a tourist’s diverse needs.

As a conclusion, we could say that St. Kilda offers all-inclusive and unique experience. Your task is only to pick an appropriate time in the year to enjoy sun, warmth, and ocean.

So tell me know, are you excited and want to learn more about Australia? Especially Melbourne? You should watch this video to know more about the very beautiful beach in St. Kilda, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia now:

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